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Which of these 3 garages is the perfect one for you?

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Which of these 3 garages is the perfect one for you?

Choosing the perfect garage can be tricky. Whether you’re renovating, buying a new house or building a new garage from scratch in this article you’ll find three different garages that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Garage is a French word adapted to the English language that means: a covered place where you put your car in. In Mexico it’s known as “cochera”, at least in the central part of the country. Regardless of how you call it, in most cases, garages have sliding doors or ascending doors, some of them are made in a way no doors are needed, and they come in any kind of design or size, depending on the budget and space of the owner.


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There are garages that are really different and original, to the traditional garage designs we are used to see on a daily basis, or the ones that are not only used to store cars, but can be used as a workshop a storage zone or even a place to exercise.

Regardless of the purpose and functionality you assign to your garage, you will always have to research and get a little inspired, before designing or remodeling your garage. Here are 3 sensational garage ideas with detailed characteristics, pros and cons that might come handy to you as a guide so you can later decide which one you like the most or which one adapts better to your home.

  • A garage in an extravagant shape.
    This kind of garage will impress everyone, not only for its extravagant shape but also for the wide variety of materials you can work with, like crystal covers, for example to make it look out of a sci fi movie. This kind of garage design may not be very common but if you call an architect or designer to build you a garage in an extravagant shape you will be able to adapt it to your preferences and the style of your home and property.The designs of a garage with futuristic tendencies are usually ergonomic and aerodynamic whilst still fulfilling the purpose of protecting your car. Because it is a construction separated from the rest, you’re going to need extra space in your backyard and the will and energy to clean glass every weekend.


  • Garages that are adjacent to the house.
    If the land where your house was built is small, the best option is getting a garage adjacent to the house.Something open, yet discreet and simple that serves its purpose and captures the attention because the integration of the space and the way in which it takes advantage of said space. Adding colors to the structure to create a contrast with the car or to perfectly match with the house, can give a special twist to your garage, creating a harmonic set.


  • A garage with an elevator.
    For those with a special taste for uniqueness, this garage is perfect, although very demanding since it requires special equipment, including hydraulic cylinders so the garage can go underground or to an upper level once the car is parked. However, this is also an innovative solution when it comes to saving horizontal space and properly protecting your vehicle in a rather James Bond-ish way.
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