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9 ways to turn your garage into an adorable independent home

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9 ways to turn your garage into an adorable independent home

Your garage can be a source of income if you know how to leverage the space. Furthermore, if you need an independent living space within your property, your garage can also be the solution to your dilemma.

There are plenty of examples out there of garages turned into homes, and in this article we offer 5 examples of garages that were turned into the coolest homes ever.

  1. This garage was turned into a 320-square foot studio apartment in Seattle by SHED Architecture and Design studio. The team created this lovely apartment with all the amenities a modern home should have.
  2. This cottage in California was designed by Beth Dana from a two car garage in Santa Barbara. They also chose to preserve the garage doors as style statement.

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  3. A 420 square foot garage with high ceilings was redesigned into a home by Annette and Gustavo, who chose to preserve the old wood beams to ensure that it would be a stylish loft-looking guest house.
  4. In Portland, Oregon, this 300 square foot garage got a makeover into an income-producing apartment that rents at $78 a night on AirBnB, proving that making a business out of your own home is easier than ever before.
  5. Molly Frey’s Design Studio remodeled this garage space into a sleek and stylish apartment, with high ceilings and plenty of space to accommodate guests.

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