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Can your apartment become a smart home?

Lutron automatic shades

Can your apartment become a smart home?

This year has been great for technology. Dozens of breakthroughs and new disruptive products have made their debut in the tech markets around the world and smart home gadgets are not the exception. However, most smart home systems require certain installation methods and modifications that might not be feasible if you live in an apartment, especially if said apartment is rented.


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Nevertheless, many companies have taken that into account and have created solutions that you can easily implement at home even if you live on a rented apartment. From filters that you can simply attach to your faucets without drilling any holes or having to change your pipes, to wireless speaker systems that don’t require miles of wiring. This article contains some of the most popular gadgets for those who want to turn their rented apartment into a smart home.


Smart Locks

Some smart locks don’t require a full deadbolt replacement, but instead you only have to remove the back plate and the thumb latch before installing one of these smart locks on top of it. These smart lock pair well with Connect hub and has a Bluetooth PIN for locking up. It works as a mechanical hand and it can lock or unlock the door at will without interfering with your regular use of a key or modifying the outer side of the door.

If your lock is compatible the installation process will be easy, and you’ll be able to lock and unlock the door using an app, you could even program the door to unlock when the app feels in proximity with the lock. The system will also send notifications to your phone every time your lock is opened, or you could even remotely operate the lock for someone else.


Wi-Fi Speakers

Online music services are booming and therefore the gadgets that connect your home with your music have become a priority for many people. Devices like Google Chromecast Audio are a great fit that will help you seize any stereo systems that use your home’s Wi-Fi casting powers. However, an all-in-one connected speaker could be an even more attractive solution; some will even connect to other speakers to help you reproduce music in various rooms at the same time.

Aside from a wide variety of connectivity options, these devices allow you to easily adjust volume, input, and sound.


Smart Lights

Find smart bulbs that are compatible with a broad range of services like Google Home and Alexa amongst many others, and try to find the style that works best for you. Light bulbs, light strips, and table lamps can all work together if you choose the right system. You can choose colored bulbs or white ones depending on the mood you want to set up for each room.

Some smart lights can be placed in places without the need of a light switch or button, which means that you can add as many smart lights as you need to and control them from your phone without making any modifications that will go against your landlord’s rules. This light can be manipulated from your phone or use voice control to activate or deactivate them.


Mobile heaters

These devices can pre-heat your bed or sofa before you sit or lay on them. Which makes them incredibly attractive during this season? The devices are usually made out of a main component that generates hot air and blows it under your sheets. You can control these heaters with a smartphone app or a remote control.

Further, it can also blow cool air to cool down your bed or other areas of your home, working as a great booster, in case your A/C unit doesn’t work too well.


Automatic shades

Some shades and curtains can be fully integrated to a smart home and some of them can be installed with drilling any new holes into the walls. These are easy to control through your smartphone and depending on which system you choose the perks may vary.

Cyber Technologies is an expert on automatic shades and their Lutron automatic shades are a great choice for those who want to implement smart shades in their homes.

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