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Can your child climb your home’s fence?

Can your child climb your home’s fence?

Check again, because this could have a fatal outcome.

On June 4th, a 2-year old girl died after being found unresponsive in a neighbor’s pool the day before. Allegedly the girl climbed up the chainlink fence into her neighbor’s yard. When the owner saw the child in the pool, ran to pull her out and started to give her CPR. But after a critical stay at the hospital, the girl died.

The girl and her 3-year old brother, left their home while their parents were sleeping on Friday morning; and while the Dearborn police continue to investigate this tragic accident, many wonder if this could have been prevented.

Children safety is crucial and having the right fence can prevent a tragedy, especially when small children are involved.

Our Rye fence contractor explained to us the importance of choosing the right fence in order to prevent accidents like this one.

Kids are curious and when you have small children any of your everyday things can easily become a threat to the health and safety of your kid. But kids are not only curious, some children are also brave, bold, and even reckless, which means you should be aware and take special precautions.

For example, chain link fences can be easy to climb, not only for your children but also for uninvited guests from the other side of the fence, an extra security measure could be advised in this cases, such as electric or barbed wire on the top, which is not risk free but it’s unlikely to be lethal and it can alert you to take risk factors into consideration and apply other, more effective, security measures.

Another idea is to choose a tall fence made of a material that can’t be easily climbed, avoiding your kids to climb out of your property and external threats, like coyotes, getting inside. The truth is, there are plenty of options and fencing solutions to reinforce and ensure your home’s security, you just need to reach out to a professional fence contractor servicing your area and request a free at-home consultation on what fence better suits your needs and your family’s.

You can call Campanella Fence at 845 628 2200 and request a free assessment for flawless fence installation, maintenance, and repairs.

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