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Centralized sanitation systems are making you doubt? A septic tank may be the solution

Poughkeepsie NY Septic Tank Installation

Centralized sanitation systems are making you doubt? A septic tank may be the solution

In places where there’s not a municipal waste sanitation system, it is necessary to install a sewage system for the disposal of all the black and grey residential waters. This has to be done in the most hygienic way, so it won’t cause any environmental disorder and the traditional solution to this issue is installing a septic system. [Related topic: Poughkeepsie NY Septic Tank Installation]

The septic pit

The septic chamber is a contraption or device for the primary treatment of residual domestic waters. Inside of it, the physical and biological transformation of the matter contained in those waters occurs. And it is an easy and cheap way to treat residual waters. Although septic pits are mostly associated to rural zones and houses located in isolated places, the system is still effective. Nevertheless the treatment is not as complete as the one a residual waters depuration station treatment can provide.


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All waters that don’t go through an urban sewers system, with sewering and post municipal treatment have to be treated in a pit. So with a lesser water flow the solid part can be deposited, freeing the liquid part. Then, certain anaerobic bacteria act upon the residual water’s organic matter, breaking it in its non-organic components, and transforming part of the solids in water soluble matter. The decomposition is important, because it reduces the amount of organic matter. Nearly 40% of the biological oxygen demand it’s needed for this process, so the water can be return to nature without causing any harm. However, the solid parts must be withdrawn often (every one or two years) and transported to a place where they can be treated properly.

Usage forecast

The functionality of a pit can be more effective depending on how much and for how long used water can be stored in it.

There’s a possibility to accelerate the matter oxidation process. From bubbling air through the waters contained in the first chamber with a pump to accelerate the anaerobic digestion. These methods are applied during massive installations, or for several grouped living spaces isolated from the sewer systems creating a small purifying plant.

Things you must consider

You should never drop rain water into the pit, but directly to the terrain as they are clean waters. It is a good measure just to take fecal residual waters to the pit (fecal and organic residual water from the kitchen), and not the other domestic waters (soapy, and cleaning waters) since those have to be processed in the filter pit without being treated inside the main pit because they don’t have any organic material.

It is recommended to install a fat separation system in the kitchen’s water exit pipe and before the junction of that conduct with the toilet conduct (the closest to the home the better to avoid the collapse of the sewering conducts) because the pit cannot treat adequately those products. Unless it is an oxygen bubbling pit, the fat separation system has to be emptied periodically

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