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Why Commercial Real Estate Should Have A Strong Online Presence

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Why Commercial Real Estate Should Have A Strong Online Presence

Are you making the most of the most dynamic tool in your commercial real estate marketing arsenal? With the Rakow Group, you can be confident in finding the perfect commercial real estate for sale Westchester NY. With hundreds of satisfied customers, they are sure to find you the perfect deal, whilst continuing to offer outstanding customer service. In the following article we will focus on the importance of a digital presence amongst the commercial real estate sector.

The digital presence of real estate properties has become a vital component to success in the CRE sector. With the majority of households having a computer/internet access, it’s a powerful tool that every agency should be utilizing. With the help of Rakow, we focus on three key reasons why CRE should obtain a powerful online presence.

Accurate & Up-to-Date Property Information

Throughout the World Wide Web, there are massive amounts of old listings, with out-dated information. Some of these listings haven’t been updated in years! Meaning, for a potential customer, the information isn’t accurate and isn’t helpful when searching.

If your agency is guilty of these kinds of listings, this can affect you in a number of ways.

If you do not have a strong online presence, offering clear visibility for your properties, it’s more than likely your potential prospects will end up on out-dated listings with incorrect information. This is enough for a potential client to disregard your agency in future searches.

Continuing to list old properties with irrelevant information, paints an extremely unprofessional image for both yourself and your business. Furthermore, it will confuse your potential clients about basic information, leaving them frustrated. This is enough for them to completely forget about your agency.

Because of these reasons, it’s vital to be in control of a website you can update in minutes. This makes your website an accurate and up-to-date resource for all prospective clients and investors. With an easily manageable website you will be able to update prices, floor plans, amenities as well as contact information in a matter of minutes. This adds a huge amount of credibility to yourself, your business and the properties you are advertising.

Constant & Consistent Branding

Your business’ brand is an important tool that will only grow over time. A good brand will establish trusting relationships amongst clients, as well as highlighting your business amongst competition. Remember that your website is the first and most crucial impression an individual will have of your business and the properties you’re listing.

You should ensure that any potential clients, as well as existing clients, are engaging with your website. You should do this whilst ensuring that your page matches your company’s philosophies and is in-line with the market position you’ve set yourself.

It’s imperative that throughout the sites and pages you have, there should always be consistency. This includes branding right from the size of the font to the color scheme. It should also include logos, banners, style of content, blog posts, themes and images.

Remaining consistent throughout your pages does several important things for your business. Not only does it build trust, but it establishes recognition in a client’s mind. They recognize your brand, and because of the credibility your website has bought you, they trust you enough to buy from. The consistency amongst your business and its webpages projects professionalism and reliability. This creates a memorable experience for any potential investors/buyers meaning more business moving forward.

Constant Lead Generation

If you don’t believe that your online being can generate leads, 24/7, you are wrong!

As a result, obtaining an effective and efficient web presence can work for you 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. It will be able to automatically engage, capture and funnel leads directly to your team, completing all the hard-work for you.

With the right amount of relevant information concerning your property, it is the first and usually the only thing, prospects need before enquiring about more info/picking up the phone.

When comparing your agency to a traditional firm that has limited resources, your online presence is a vital component for marketing, lead generation and brand awareness.


From the three points explained above, it’s obvious that a strong online presence is a key factor to success. Should you be interested in commercial real estate for sale Westchester NY, get in touch with Rakow Group. Offering a functioning and efficient webpage, with many properties to choose from, they are real front-runners in the CRE sector in New York City.

Give Rakow Group a call today on (914) 422-0100 or (203) 359-5703.

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