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Creating a Workspace That Benefits Your Entire Workforce

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Creating a Workspace That Benefits Your Entire Workforce

Every office across the country contains a variety of different personalities. It’s possible to divide these individuals into two main categories; introverts and extroverts. Extroverts tend to involve themselves socially with almost everyone at work, while introverts prefer to work by themselves. With contrasting characteristics, it may be no surprise that introverts and extroverts clash when it comes to the ‘ideal office’. When searching for your next office or commercial space for rent Westchester NY, you should contact the Rakow Group.

Introverted individuals who hate distractions may find themselves being constantly interrupted in an open-work environment. On the other hand extroverts may find it difficult to distinguish borders between productive work and socializing.

Here’s more information of what both introverts and extroverts want in their workspace. Additionally find out how employers can create areas which help everyone succeed.

What Type Of Space Can Help An Extrovert Thrive In The Workplace?

Usually speaking extroverts are the more outgoing bunch. They’re passionate, engaging and always motivated to involve themselves in a project/conversation. However, they can also be over friendly with colleagues and in some instances, overpowering. At times it can feel like extroverts have problems respecting boundaries and all too often engulf the workplace with conversation and banter.

Considering the above characteristics, it’s obvious that an open workspace is better suited to an extrovert. An extrovert would prefer to spend their day meeting with people and collaborating in projects. They tend to be far more productive in environments where they can openly bounce ideas off other individuals. Open workspaces encourage extroverts to express themselves as well as engaging with others. This ultimately leads to them being the most productive as possible.

What Type Of Space Can Help An Introvert Thrive In The Workplace?

Typically speaking introverts tend to work more independently. They possess impressive powers of concentration as well as problem solving. They are patient employees, fantastic observers and less sociable than their extrovert counterparts.

These traits suggest that introverts prefer independent work spaces rather than an open planned setting. In addition, they also need an office that provides them with sufficient space for them to retreat throughout the day. This can be to escape from loud co-workers as well as any other distractions. Furthermore they may require more “alone time,” as well as finding themselves avoiding social distractions throughout the office.

Creating The Perfect Office Space To Compliment Introverts & Extroverts

The current trend of having an open office working space can have many positive effects on extroverts but introverts may struggle with the zero-boundary office. Every employer wants to ensure that their employees are optimizing their potential, so creating an office to help workers become more productive should be important. Ensuring your office environment can accommodate everyone will help all types of talent and skills thrive.

One strategy to offer all individuals a space they feel comfortable in is to include several quiet rooms or private work spaces, combined with open seating. This offers extroverts the collaborative space they thrive in as well offering the introverts a distraction-free environment to which they can retreat. Introverts can book alone time as needed in order to complete tasks, in their own space and in their own time. Whereas extroverts can be amongst colleagues and friends brainstorming new ideas as well as openly discussing plans for next week’s meeting etc.

Flexible work possibilities that allow certain employees to work from a remote location/home is another way to provide introverts with the peace and quiet they require in order to get the job done.

By allowing the time to consider the varying needs and work preferences of both introverts and extroverts, it’s possible to build a thriving workplace that compliments everyone’s style. Putting the effort in beforehand to understand your employees can mean a much more profitable, and satisfying business.

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