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Are you desperate for weed control?

weed control in Fayetteville, AR

Are you desperate for weed control?

Having control of the undesirable weeds that grow in all the places you don’t want it to grow doesn’t have to be a nightmare, even if it’s challenging at times. Weed growth will depend greatly on its species, but in general terms, weeds spread fast, they’re persistent and they are greedy when it comes to water and nutrients.

Weeds usually come with unfortunate consequences for your garden as they contribute to the deterioration of crops and agricultural structures. When it comes to small gardens and crops, the problem goes beyond aesthetics and affects the gardener directly as it may deprive them of their harvest. Further, weeds usually host plague and disease, not to mention the potential they have for drowning your other plants.


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But how to prevent that from happening? Well there are a few precautions you can take to avoid any weed overgrowth, however, if the problem already exists, you might want to call a weed control expert to get rid of the problem in the first place.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Before you plant or sow anything, make sure to clean the terrain thoroughly. If you will be planting grass make sure to water it and apply a pesticide for herbs a few days later. After 15 days of watering, another application of pesticide is advised.
  • Aim for compact plants and bushes that won’t leave any spaces open for the weeds to grow through them.
  • If your garden is rather large, invest on an anti-weed mesh that allows water to go through without allowing the weeds to grow. Covering them with gravel or pine is a common practice.
  • You can also avoid weeds from growing and spreading by using mulch. This “cushioning” technique covers the ground where the plants to prevent the seeds from receiving sunlight and avoiding their growth. This method allows you to maintain the ground’s humidity, contributing with more nutrients to the plants.
  • Avoid watering any naked ground areas and make multispeed spaces and use gardening pots to help grow and preserve your plants and care.
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