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Deviate attention from your septic system with these Garden design trends

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Deviate attention from your septic system with these Garden design trends

The following ideas will help you deviate the attention from your septic system and towards trendy and enviable garden.

Outdoors dining room

Having a space outdoors to share a meal with your family is something most people enjoy. From Sunday BBQs to fully equipped outdoor kitchens, alfresco dining is the-not-so-new thing for those who love enjoying a nice time sharing food with their families amidst fresh air and green.

A few tips for those who want to set up the perfect garden dining area include turning your dining/cooking area into a sanctuary with special flooring, mood lighting and custom furniture; set up these area close to your fire pit, your pool or your garden’s lounge area which can serve as post-dinner entertainment. Also, make sure your dining space is surrounded by in-ground and container plants for a lush feeling.


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Pots, containers and furniture are usually mass produced and we bought them for the local chain store. However, you could be supporting your local craftsmen while giving your garden a unique look if you choose to handmade products. handcrafted is always best. We hope they encourage you to seek out an artisan next time you add a structure or other important element to your property.

Whether you want new furniture for your garden or if it’s all about the pots and containers for your plants, reaching out to a local artist can make a massive different in your garden.

Small Gardens

Small garden? No problem. Having a small garden doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. If the outdoors of your property are on the smaller side of the spectrum, you might not feel confident regarding the potential of your garden. However, small spaces, when cleverly distributed can be a blessing in disguise. First a reduced space means that the time you have to spend providing maintenance will also be reduced, same as the amount of money it would cost you. But this doesn’t mean your small garden can’t be attractive. In fact, small gardens -although nothing new– are very trendy right now, especially amongst those who live in more urban areas.

To make the most out of your small garden you need to consider versatility. Your garden must be multipurpose and thus, you must plan with that goal in mind. Everything in your garden must serve several purposes.

For example, certain circular structures serve as a planter, a sitting structure and a fire pit, 3 in 1. Other structures serve to collect water, hold plants and store garden tools. Further, a small garden allows you to create exquisite container combinations by mixing plants and flowers within the same container.

Natural Reservoirs

Whilst butterflies and bees are disappearing, environmental changes are having a big impact on the habitat of turtles, birds and frogs as well. This loss of habitat is the perfect reason to create a natural reservoir of your own in your garden.

You can offer sanctuary to your local wildlife while preserving your property’s aesthetics. Convenient, beautiful landscapes can be created to meet your needs and serve as support habitats for local wildlife. Just remember to diminish or stop altogether the use of insecticides, try to grow both seed-producing and berry-bearing plants and consider replacing at least a section of your lawn, so you can create a habitat in that specific space.

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