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Devices that let you control your garage door from your phone are all the rage

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Devices that let you control your garage door from your phone are all the rage

What if I told you that garage door specific controllers are a thing of the past? Well, thanks to the magic of computer science, smartphones, apps and IoT, now you can leave the garage door controller and key in the past where they belong because now, you can control your garage door with your phone, tablet or laptop.

Actually, there are certain technologies and devices that allow you to turn any remote-controlled garage door opener into a smart garage door opener that can be used to control your garage door directly from your cell phone at any given time. As the devices come in different designs, they also offer several different levels of reliability, functionality and performance. Further, these devices come in such a wide range that you can acquire one for a very reasonable and fair price.


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But what exactly are the special features of these products:

  • These devices and technologies allow you to open, close and control your garage door by adding smartphone control to your existing garage door opener, which will allow you to control your garage door from anywhere, anytime.
  • The adaptation and installation is incredibly easy.
  • You can customize and set up various alerts that allow you to monitor how your door opens and closes in real time.
  • More control over the movements of the door which allow you to monitor your busy family as they come and go from the house through the garage.
  • These technologies are compatible with most brands of garage door Openers made after 1993 that have standard safety sensors.
  • They’re super easy to install, and although you can do it through a local expert, you can also go DIY and proceed with the installation yourself.
  • It can be easily incorporated to the rest of your smart home systems or work with your other smart home devices smoothly.
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