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Could faulty septic systems cause algae blooming?

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Could faulty septic systems cause algae blooming?

Apparently, yes.

According to a post in Florida Politics by Peter Schorsch, “it may be time to admit that perhaps septic tanks cause algae blooms after all”. Whether this claims are true or not, many things have changed in Florida during the last few years. However, environmentalists insist that one thing has remained unchanged, the polluted discharge from Lake Okeechobee.

The authorities are looking for causes that explain the toxic blue-green algae blooms that have recently invaded the Treasure Coast, and although agriculture seems to be the one to blame according to most people, many activists warn that failing septic tanks could be the real villains of this story.

But how to avoid failure of your septic system before it turns into an algae toxic nightmare?

Following the standard procedures it’s a good place to start.

Standard practice of septic system maintenance is the best way to guarantee that you won’t have to worry for faulty septic systems messing up with the natural ecosystem where your property is located.

These are a few tips for a healthy and finely functional septic system:

  • Reduce the amount of chemicals you pour down drain. It’s even better if you can go completely natural and chemical free.
  • Avoid anti-bacterials in your septic system like the plague. Bacteria is utterly necessary to break down solids inside your tank.
  • Take short showers instead of long baths.
  • Get rid of your garbage disposal.
  • Do small loads of laundry and don’t do more than two a day.
  • Get your septic tank pumped regularly, at least every 2-3 years.

Last but not least, keep a professional’s contact information handy. Regardless of how careful we might be, accidents happen. Avoid unnecessary headaches by keeping the phone number of a reliable professional on speed dial, so in case of any emergencies you don’t have to suffer more than you should.

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