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The Impact Of Tech On Commercial Real Estate

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The Impact Of Tech On Commercial Real Estate

In a world where real estate agencies and landlords hold all the information and therefore, the power, it’s difficult to find the right space for your office or commercial establishment as a tenant.

In the modern world, where we have more responsibilities and less time to navigate our busy schedules, it’s only logical that technology has impacted real estate so massively. Real Estate Tech is a fairly new concept, however. This new idea is far from being just a fad, as the necessity for technology that helps both potential clients and real estate professionals grows.

Information is crucial when it comes to making a decision regarding commercial space for lease or sale. As technology makes information more available and accessible for everyone some trends are more relevant than others and for those looking for office and commercial space, there are a few things worth keeping in mind.

As the sharing economy continues to grow, utilizing commercial space for lease Westchester services can help you find a bigger space, especially if you turn it into a co-working space or you rent it along with other companies to share. This could not only help you cut expenses but also to discover new talents and make new strategic alliances.


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With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), the workplace has decentralized and the need for transparency has increased, making IoT connectivity a must in most commercial spaces for lease in Westchester, NY and other locations across the state and the country. Especially for tech startups and other companies with remote teams, IoT is a key point to monitor, manage and control processes and activities. Further, it enhances the work environment and helps companies provide many of the amenities that make their office space so appealing.

VR and AR technologies are the other big trends in commercial real estate. As the perks of using these tools are more evident every day for real estate agents and clients alike, the need to incorporate them into the industry on a daily basis grows too.

From taking remote office tours, make office space plans, renovation proposals based on real dimensions, with access to life-like visualizations of the remodeled spaces the capabilities and applications of augmented reality and virtual reality with the real estate industry are abundant.

Last but not least, the blooming sites, web platforms and apps that offer to democratize real estate information has put many agencies on the spot. But the bigger players and those who will survive the rise of real estate tech, are those capable to adapt to the new trends and leverage the new technologies available in the industry. That’s what will mark the difference between a positive and a negative impact of technology on the Real Estate industry.

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