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Keep your house clean and save money with these 6 tips

Keep your house clean and save money with these 6 tips

Keeping your home tidy and clean is not just about the looks and the aesthetics, it’s also about your health. The cleaner your home is, the healthier and happier you and your family will be. However, keeping your home neat can be quite expensive sometimes.


Further, for some people, cleaning products containing harsh chemicals can be very harmful. So, if refilling these products is so expensive and using them at home may potentially damage your health, not to mention sensitive areas of your home -for example, if you have a septic system, harsh chemicals will certainly damage it–, finding less expensive and harmful ways to clean your home is a must.


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In this post, you’ll find 6 tips to keep your house clean without breaking the bank.

  1. Substitute your cleaning solution with a homemade one. Most cleaning solutions can be substituted with 5 parts of boiling water mixed with oe part of your favourite soap or cleaning agent. If you don’t want to add any chemicals, substitute the cleaning agent with vinegar.
  2. Remove odors and food buildup from your dishwasher by running a cycle with your dishwasher empty using just a bit of your favourite cleaning agent. You can also substitute it with a tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of vinegar.
  3. Although Scrubbing Bubbles-type products are pretty great to get rid of soap gunk rather quickly in the bathroom. However, you can accomplish the same by mixing dish detergent and white vinegar in equal parts, spray it on after shaking well, rinse and clean after a few minutes.
  4. The get rid of the grease and spill buildups on your stove top, mix one part vinegar and one part boiled water in a bottle and spray it over.
  5. If water at your home has a high concentration of minerals, you can use vinegar to scrub and remove any water stains left in the porcelain of your bathroom.
  6. If you have a septic system, the best way to keep it running smoothly is giving it the proper care and maintenance, including periodical pumping, cleaning and daily conscious use. Make sure not to use harsh chemicals at home if they will end up in your septic system, you will not only spend too much in buying expensive chemicals but also on septic tank repairs, once the chemicals damage your septic system.
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