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Keep your Septic System Healthy by Filtering Out Laundry Lint

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Keep your Septic System Healthy by Filtering Out Laundry Lint

The lint that comes from your washing machine is mostly non-degradable and on top of it, the chances of it clogging up your septic system and shorten its useful life are rather high.

Synthetic fibres like nylon or polyester never degrade, meanwhile, natural fibres like cotton degrade at a very slow pace. Failing to filter the lint out of your washing machine before the water goes into your septic system will eventually create impenetrable mats in the soil surrounding the drain lines, which will prevent liquid from being readily absorbed.

Lucky for you, a high quality lint filter can save you the trouble of dealing with a clogged septic system. A sock-type lint filter or drain baskets can catch big fibres, but most of the times the lint just washes right through them. So, the best bet is to install a very fine mesh filter, which will capture over 90% of the lint produced every time you do your laundry. Although this might not necessarily be the cheapest solution, in the long run it will provide you with the benefits of a healthier septic system and a longer lasting drain field.


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However, installing the filter is rather simple. Put the filter holder up on the wall near the laundry tub or discharge pipe. Slip in the filter and set the mesh filter into the filter container, then lock the top down with the locking clips and proceed to attach the discharge hoses to the filter container.

The next step is to remove the reusable filter bag and empty it after 8 to 15 loads or when it’s half full. Even if you forget to change the filter, there’s no risk of overflow since the water will just drain around it. However, replacement filters can be a tad expensive but if you take good care of it, replacement is rarely needed.

Some of the tools and materials you will need for this project are:
  • Cordless drill
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Drywall anchors
  • Hose clamps
  • Septic lint filter

Ensuring you and your family are considerate to your septic system, can help extend its life. When it comes to septic tanks, it doesn’t take much to upset the chemical balance present. For more information on how is the best way to look after your tank, contact Jones Septic today. They understand what makes a healthy septic tank and can help you achieve the same levels of tender loving care.

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