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Learn to take care of your lawn this winter

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Learn to take care of your lawn this winter

A little winter lawn care can go a long way. Lucky you, the winter lawn care process is not nearly as strenuous as the summer one. You won’t have to mow, weed or water your lawn. However, you’ll still have to invest a bit of time and effort in a few tasks that will ensure that after the frosty season is over your lawn will be in such great condition that all you’ll want to do is walk bare footed as soon as the spring and summer seasons begin.


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To provide your grass with some royal treatment you’ll need to focus on a few details depending on the weather in your specific area and the kind of grass that grows in your property. If your grass is of a warm season kind but freezes are not uncommon in your area, the turf might go dormant and a buff-colored swath could form. However, dormant warm-season lawns don’t require any particularly complicated care; you can either overseed with perennial or annual ryegrass to ensure your lawn will remain green throughout the winter or leverage the winter’s beige-tone grass instead.

If you choose the first option, you’re probably a bit late since this task must be carried out before the first frost, making it more of fall lawn care chore. In case you’ve chosen the latter, spot-treat broadleaf weeds using an herbicide that kills weeds but not grass. That way, you’ll be able to fight the cool-season weeds that thrive during the winter whilst in the dormant warm-season turf, anything green will stand out like a sore thumb.

If it turns out that there are too many weeds to go the spot-treatment route, try the following winter lawn care steps:

  • Mow your lawn through winter at the recommended height for your lawn grass.
  • When mowing your lawn se a bag attachment on your mower.
  • Learn the lesson and apply the final step for the weed eradication process next September, making sure to apply a pre-emergent herbicide.


If you have a cool-season grass lawn, the process is quite easy. First of all, stay off the lawn, specially if it’s frozen as walking or driving over frozen lawns can kill turfgrass crowns, making for a patchy lawn full of bare spots during spring.

If there’s thaw, make sure to remove any autumn leaves you didn’t remove before the first frost but within your possibilities, try to make sure your lawn is free from leaves or any other elements before the first frost. Further, make sure to rake and clean carefully because when soil is moist grass can pull up easily. Leaves that remain over grass through winter can kill turf crowns. They can also contribute to snow mold, which can cause lawn damage.

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