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Would you live in an arboreal house?

Would you live in an arboreal house?

Global warming is real, in spite of what some politicians wants us to believe. But there’s a bright side to this story and it lies on the hands pioneer scientists, engineers, architects, designers, people with environmental consciousness and other visionaries that go above and beyond to raise awareness about these issues.

When the latest design trends, architecture and environmental consciousness come together the results can be quite impressive. And that’s the case of arboreal houses, homes that integrate the surrounding environment and turn it into a powerful design element.

These houses are built preserving most of the natural surroundings and trying to enhance the natural landscapes of the area. Here are 10 arboreal houses that will take your breath away.


1. Casa Vogue by Alessandro Sartore

This house accommodates two trees in its interior, one as a center piece in the living room and the other one in the garage.


2. Tower House by GLUCK+

This vacation home in upstate New York has 3 floors forming a tower that acts as the main support for the cantilevered top floor. The reflective facade of the house makes it blend with its surroundings.


3. Tree House Re-Imagined by UUFIE

This is the epitome of the modern tree house. A reflective entrance and wood-slice patio flooring make this house modern yet integrated with the nature around. It has tree a trunk stairway to the second floor and it seems to be elevated among the trees.



4. Between the Trees by Sebo-Lichy

Another house integrated to its surroundings is this architectural gem that was s built around three chestnut trees, overlooking a forest. Its floor-to-ceiling windows and a rooftop terrace make up for an amazing outdoor feel indoors.



5. The Urban Treehouse by Baumraum

The Urban Treehouse preserve the trees on a 650-square-meter privately owned property, integrating nature and architecture.



6. Modern Austin Treehouse by MF Architecture

Each one of the rooms in this house looks out onto the oak in the backyard, which shelters the entire outdoor area.



7. House for Trees by Vo Trong Nghia

Bringing vegetation to the skyline is the base idea of this complex, consisting of five concrete boxes, naturally insulated by water-retaining soil, positioned around a central courtyard.



8. HP Tree House by MMP Architects

This house is almost completely open to the surrounding forest. Made of three pavilions connected by breezeways, the tree house has a rock face adjacent to the master bedroom that becomes a waterfall during the raining season.



9. JD House by BAK Architects

This house cleverly integrates several trees of various sizes into its design.



10. Bark-Covered Tree House in Guatemala

Made of concrete and wood this house integrates its surroundings perfectly in and out.



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