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Look Up: Companies Are Buying Up Airspace Real Estate

commercial real estate for sale Putnam County

Look Up: Companies Are Buying Up Airspace Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate For Sale Putnam County 

A New Trend As Cities Continue To Fill Up

The world is getting denser as we know it. The planet’s population continues to grow. Simultaneously, an increasing quantity of people continue to migrate to cities. As a result, occupying land in cities is becoming a greater challenge with each year. What’s the solution? Build up. And along that sentiment, it’s time to start thinking ahead about who owns the up that people are building towards. And that’s wherein lies the rub. Companies around the world are buying up airspace. That is to say, that no one is to construct in this empty space above an already existent building except for the owners of that empty space.

While this is mostly happening within the United States, it’s actually an international trend. In addition to a number of companies buying up airspace for buildings in cities such as Boston and Seattle, such is the case just as well across the ocean over in London. Years ago, this would have been an inconceivable concept. But today, in 2017, it feels like an entirely reasonable venture. So if you’re thinking of investing in some commercial office space, why not put some money down on some commercial air space while you’re at it! 


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An Alternative Solution: Look Outside The Box

Another option is to look outside the cities, where spaces run for far more reasonable prices. Moreover, with rapidly rising costs of inner city real estate, it’s only a matter of time before the ripple effects stretch beyond city borders. That’s why it would be wise of you to think about looking into commercial real estate for sale Putnam County services now, before the wave that inevitably will come in due time from NYC.

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