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Maintain your lawn in top notch condition every season

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Maintain your lawn in top notch condition every season

A gorgeous lawn can make any garden look amazing, even if you’re not a gardening expert or if you haven’t put yourself to the task of planting flowers, trees and bushes, if your lawn looks good, you can get away with the simplest decorations and claim you’re going for a minimalist style.

But as the season changes, the way you care for your lawn has to change as well. Summer is, of course, the perfect time to dedicate the most time and care to your lawn. Seizing the warmest season for bragging about your garden implies that you must avoid cutting grass too short so your gorgeous lawn can remain the perfect canvas for delicious and colourful BBQs and outdoor parties.

By the time autumn starts, you might want to be prepared to constantly clean your garden and make sure to remove the fallen leaves of your lawn. If you leave them on too long, your grass will be suffocated by them. If you want to keep your lawn in top condition during the fall, use a lawn fertiliser that’s rich in phosphates and potash to ensure your lawns good condition.


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Winter is not the best month for lawns but you can still plan ahead to get your mower serviced and beat down the spring rush. And with the spring comes the lawn nurturing, feeding your lawn and mowing it regularly is the perfect way to keep things looking dapper whilst preparing for the summer.

Keep in mind that you want to mow your lawn to keep the grass at the same height. However, the recommended height of the grass varies as follows:

  • 5 cms for normal lawns
  • 5 cms for heavily used lawns
  • 5 cms for lawns in shaded areas

Make sure to remove twigs and leaves to prepare your lawn for receiving fertilisers, and apply them when the soil is moist or if rain is forecasted to help absorption. It’s key that you sow new grass every year to improve the lawn’s thickness and reduce the risks of weed and moss.

Water your lawn when the soil becomes dry and before the grass turns yellow or brown. Keep in mind that each square metre of lawn requires around 20 litres of water every seven days. Additionally, watering during the evening or the early morning is the best way to go since that can prevent evaporation.

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