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Make your rented house feel more like a home by customising your bathroom

Make your rented house feel more like a home by customising your bathroom

Buying a new house and renovating it is, unfortunately, not an option for everyone. However, there are a few things that you can do to make the rented house where you’ll be living for whatever period of time feel more like a real home, and the bathroom is great place to start.

Renovating a rental is not very common. Nevertheless, if you’re going to spend at least the next 6 months living in that place, it would be nice if you can feel you’re at home at least when you take shower every night before bed and after a rough day at work. The main problem with “rental renovations” is figuring out how to make those changes without waking your landlord’s wrath, the second challenge is to implement changes without breaking the bank. At the end of the day, you’re going to have to leave and you’ll never recover the time, effort and money you’ve invested; so being smart about the whole issue is key.

Here’s a list of a few smart changes and improvements you can implement without too much effort or money.


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  • Mobile storage space: Bathrooms on rented houses don’t usually offer much built-in storage space, but you can add a few things such as shower caddies, soap pumps and wall-mounted shelves that can be attached to the walls through suction, tension or glue without damaging the walls and tiles.
  • Window curtains: If your bathroom has windows you can try changing the curtains or adding some window film. The best part of it is that you don’t need to spend that much money if you get these things from a flea market, a thrift shop or if you simply make it a DIY project.
  • Revamped tiles: Although this sounds tricky and expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Get some waterproof, heavy-duty stickers and cover up the ugly tiles of your bathroom, you can peel it off easily before moving out.
  • Tension rods and shower curtains: To avoid drilling holes on the wall, tension rods are more than just a practical solution, and paired with the perfect shower curtain you can create a massive difference between before and after.
  • Lighting: Depending on your budget, there are many ways in which you can make a difference in your bathroom, one of them is changing outdated fixture for new shiny ones. You might renovate them with paint, change out the shades, replace them, etc., the important bit is that you give them the upgrade that better adjusts to your pocket without making any permanent unauthorised changes.
  • Distinctive hooks: The devil is in the details and in a bathroom details are easy to notice. Choosing nice hooks for your bathroom can take it from cheap to chic almost instantly.
  • Colored decorations: Now, don’t go all over the rainbow unless that’s your theme of choice. Pick a theme, a color palette and maybe even a pattern, then look out for decorations that match said theme. Coordinate your textiles, art and other items -like a dustbin– to make sure everything fits between the colour scheme and pattern that you’ve previously chosen to create a tasteful and nice looking space.
  • Luxury towels: If there’s something you can splurge on is your towels. These can make a massive difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels, and of course, these will go away with you once you move out.
  • Furniture: Chairs, hangers, stand alone mobile cabinets and plants can bring your bathroom to life and make it feel a lot more like home. Just make sure to choose pieces that can withstand moisture and humidity without getting damaged.
  • Landlord’s support: Believe it or not,some landlords are not 100% against renovations, specially not if said renovations will benefit them in the long haul. If you want to take it a bit further and make sure the period of time you’ll be living in a rented home is going to be the best, try talking to your landlord about a few permanent changes such as new fixtures like faucets, new toilet seats or showerheads, which your landlord can deduct from the cost of your rent.
  • Maintenance: Last but not least, maintenance and care is very important. If you move to a house with septic system, request a Poughkeepsie NY Septic Tank Inspection and make sure you implement all the safety and maintenance measures recommended by the experts to ensure your newly renovated bathroom won’t become disaster zone.
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