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How often should you clean around the house?

How often should you clean around the house?

In order to keep your home spotless and more importantly, safe and healthy for you and your family, cleaning is key.

There are some things in your household that can get away occasional cleaning, like your septic system which needs to be cleaned and properly maintained to keep it function properly. Nevertheless, there are others things in your home that need to be cleaned more frequently, if not on a daily basis.


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Amongst the things you should be cleaning every day, you will find:

  • The dishes: Make sure you wash them right after you’re done using them. Traces of food can grow bacteria and lots of other disgusting microorganisms that may threaten your health.
  • Kitchen surfaces: Wiping and sanitizing the countertop and cleaning up the stove to remove grease and any other spills is key to keep things clean and safe for you and your family, especially after manipulating raw meat and vegetables.
  • The garbage bin: Empty your garbage bins every day, especially the one in the kitchen. This is a no brainer, the longer you keep garbage in your home the bigger the chances of unpleasant experiences and the bigger risk to your health and your family’s.
  • Squeegee showers: You should clean this up right after using them in order to avoid mineral deposits and mildew.
  • Sinks: Wipe them every day with a bit of sanitizer. This will prevent the accumulation of bacteria.
  • Beds: Let your bed air for a few minutes after waking up, then make sure to dust it off and make the bed.


To keep things extra organized, make sure to put away all the things once you’ve stopped using them. These chores will take you about 5 minutes every day, and if you make a daily habit of it, your home will be cleaner, safer, and your family and you will be healthier and happier.


Other items at home must be cleaned at least once or even better, twice a week. Amongst them are:

  • Hardwood floors: These need to be dust-mopped to avoid dirt scratches.
  • Baseboards and blinds: Wiping and cleaning these is key to prevent the dust and dirt gathered in them start circulating around your house affecting your health.
  • Upholstered furniture: Should be vacuumed at least twice a week if you have pets or children, if not a weekly vacuuming sessions is all right.
  • Garage floors, patios and walkways: You should be sweeping these twice a week to keep things neat.
  • Ceiling fixtures: If you haven’t been up there for a while, chances are your home is dirtier than it looks any you’re breathing in all of that. Sanitized wipes twice a week will make a massive difference.
  • Throw rugs: Washing your throw rugs is crucial to keep your home clean. Even if they don’t look dirty, they might be harbouring more bacteria than you imagine.
  • Ceiling fans: The risks of respiratory illnesses may dramatically decrease if you make sure to dust the ceiling fans rather frequently.


Keep things tidy by putting away any clutter and avoiding accumulation of things in the same space.


Other things you should be cleaning every three or six months. Polished wood furniture, ovens, windows (inside and out), furnaces and air conditioning filters must be cleaned in depth every 3 months, along with ceiling corners, stairwells and other places around the house where cobwebs are common. Storage areas should be decluttered and cleaned every 6 months to ensure the place stays neat and tidy and also to prevent you from hoarding stuff you don’t use anymore. Flipping and rotating your mattress should also be done every 6 months, same as airing out pillows and polishing silver.


Once every year you must also clean thoroughly all your heavy furniture, behind and underneath. Vacuum rug pads and area rugs on both sides, same with drapes and carpets. Rotate your area rugs 180º to wear them out evenly, wash your walls and repaint if necessary. And don’t forget to clean your chandeliers if you have any.

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