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Pop-up shops and how to find the best space to set it up

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Pop-up shops and how to find the best space to set it up

Setting up your pop-up shop is a dream come true, but before finding the perfect space for it, you must make sure to have a few key points checked on your list. Once you’ve defined business goals and the budget you have to set up your pop-up shop you can start looking for the perfect commercial space for lease in Westchester, NY or any other location of your preference.

Years ago, finding a temporary commercial commercial space for lease in Westchester, NY was very difficult. However, nowadays property owners and real estate agents are a lot more trusting and understanding of the value of having a pop-up shop in their location.

How can you find the perfect commercial space for lease in Westchester, NY?

You can start by defining the types of location that works best for you. There are various options and is up to you deciding which one suits your brand the best. A store-within-a-store is a popular concept and it’s the ideal situation if you’re a beginner in the retail business. This option offers potential built-in foot-traffic, probably a loyal clientele, and many opportunities to get more familiar with your target audience.


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Another option is a gallery or event space. These places are great for pop-up shops because their open concept floors offers a minimalistic and highly customisable set-up. You can make them very elegant and inviting or modern and clean.

Of course, commercial space for lease in a Westchester mall or any other shopping centre is a possibility, one that brings loads of foot-traffic and exposure. Having your pop-up shop in a mall can also provide your brand with credibility and everyday interactions that can help you build a stronger brand.

Generally, you’ll have two options. You can go with renting a kiosk or booth space that allows you to set up shop right in the middle of the action, or you can look at vacant in-line stores that the shopping center may reserve just for pop ups or has had a hard time renting out for a long time period.

Last but not least, you can choose a vacant street level retail space in your search for commercial space for lease in Westchester, NY. Once you’ve decided, which option is the best for you there are 3 key points you must bear in mind the potential foot-traffic in the area of your target audience, the competitors around you and which shops/services are complementary to what your brand offers.

After, you’ve calculated all of the business aspects of your decision making process, approach your local agency and ask for advice. With the right guidance and a solid business plan, you can make your brand thrive and dominate the pop-up shop world.

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