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Revamp Your Deck with a Hanging Bench

Revamp Your Deck with a Hanging Bench

Restoring your deck doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With some professional help and a little creativity you could revamp your deck without spending every dime you have.

Start by cleaning up the area and giving some treatment to your wooden floors. Filing, polishing and staining your floor will bring your deck to a new era. Just make sure to protect the wood with special oils and products to keep it in good condition.

Add a trellis or a pergola, this can make a huge difference and it’s easier than remodeling the whole space. Adding some curtains is also a good way to freshen up the space. But overall, the center piece of your revamped deck should be a hanging bench.

They come in a wide variety of styles and you might even make your own . But just in case you’re not very crafty, here’s our editor’s pick for the top 5 outdoor hanging benches.


  • Hanging Chairs


















  • DIY Pallet Bench



  • The Hanging Bed



  • The Cozy Hanging Bench



  • The Romantic Metallic Hanging Bench


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