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The Rise of VR in NY Commercial Real Estate

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The Rise of VR in NY Commercial Real Estate

Finding reliable commercial space for lease Westchester services can be challenging. In order to get ahead in the game and facing the fierce competition in the NY commercial real estate arena, agencies, brokers and realtors have had to take advantage of the perks new technologies offer.

One of the most popular new technologies carving its way into commercial real estate is Virtual Reality; and in New York, VR tours are becoming a staple within the commercial real estate market. Mompreneurs embarking on business ventures not so far from home, millennial entrepreneurs looking to establish their business away from the buzz in NYC and other executives trying to find commercial space for lease in Westchester, NY and its surroundings could benefit a lot from VR tours that allure them to the area and help them make a more informed decision, without leaving their offices or homes.

Further, those commercial real estate projects that are still in development stage but actively looking for potential buyers can benefit greatly from VR technology. Although renders nowadays can accurately portray spaces and offer a very realistic view of any space, the way in which virtual reality can bring a space to life is unprecedented.


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360º view and real dimensions provide potential tenants and clients with a better idea of how the space will look once it’s finished and help real estate professionals close deals faster, while at the same time helping customers make better decisions regarding the size of the space they need and how it can be organized.

Another great use for VR in the commercial real estate space, is renovations. The oldest structures may not always be the most attractive and many people might refrain from renting a space they cannot visualize after a renovation. Not knowing how the place will look after being remodeled or how much and in what ways they can remodel the space can be scary and off putting.

Renovations and remodeling are usually a big investment, especially when it comes to a commercial space for lease; whether it is in Westchester or somewhere else in New York, on top of the property expenses, the remodeling process demands resources too. A great way to optimize resources is offering VR tours of the space and further, a virtual reality visualization of different renovation proposals and the budgets required to complete them.

That’s the main reason these new technologies are taking over the most traditional industries out there, these tool help both professionals and customers save time, money and resources whilst increasing the chances of success in most cases.

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