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Septic Tank Maintenance Essentials

Septic Pumping Poughquag NY

Septic Tank Maintenance Essentials

If you run the home that usually receives the family for Christmas and you happen to have a septic tank, you might want to ensure that your septic system is the right conditions to withstand the busy holiday season.


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A properly designed, correctly installed and well-maintained septic system will probably keep running smoothly, in spite of any extra people you might be hosting at your place. However, in order to keep the system operative and prevent any failures it is important that you give proper maintenance to your septic system and always take into account the following essentials:

  • Be conscious and mindful about your consumption habits. Think that if you produce too much wastewater, your soil will have to treat it and dispose of it, which make cause damages to the system if it gets an overload.
  • Prolong the life of your drain field by reducing your water consumption to the necessary minimum.
  • Keep a journal or a track record of your septic system with accurate diagrams of its location, dates of the maintenance and check-ups, as well as the pumping and cleaning dates and any other emergency
  • Get professionals inspections, at least once a year to ensure everything is working well and to keep risk factors to the minimum and warning signs spotted ahead of time. If your drain field has inspection pipes, check them to see if there is a liquid level continually over 6 inches, since this may be an early indication of a problem.
  • If you can’t get dispense of your garbage disposal, talk to an expert so they can pump your system more often to avoid damage.
  • Avoid flushing harmful materials into your septic tank. Paper, grease, oils, fabric, coffee, cigarettes and other solids are difficult to break down and heighten the risk of clogging your system and causing damage. Further, harsh chemicals will not only kill the bacteria in your septic tank but also cause other problems to your system.
  • Divert any water coming from roofs, patios, driveways and even the rain itself away from the drain field as soil over your system should be slightly mounded to help surface water runoff.
  • Avoid putting any stress over your septic system. Keep heavy equipment, cars and heavy animal away from the system since the pressure can compact the soil and damage the pipes.
  • If you’re landscaping, plan accordingly to the needs and location of your property and its septic system. Keep in mind that some plants and trees may interfere with the way your system works and its potential lifecycle.
  • If you ever need work to be done in your septic tank, call a professional and never, under any circumstances go into a septic tank. The lack of air combined with poisonous gases may be fatal.
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