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Is it time to color code the circuit breaker box in your garage?

Is it time to color code the circuit breaker box in your garage?

Different houses are laid out differently, but if your house has a centralized circuit breaker box in your garage or basement you might find a color coding system for it rather useful.

You might be asking yourself why on earth do you need to color code your circuit breaker box, but it’s actually more helpful than you would think. If you have children, people working at home or someone else who might need to turn of the power or bring it back on at any given time and you’re not there or if your memory is simply not that sharp, color coding will save you a lot of trouble and more importantly, time.

Instead of trying every switch to figure out which one is the one you’re looking for, this easy color coding method will spare you from disconnecting your desktop computer whilst someone is using it, as you will know exactly which switch connects to which room unequivocally.

If you don’t have that chart that’s usually written in your circuit breaker box, because it faded out, was never written or is simply too deteriorated, you’re going to have to figure out the connections manually. The easiest way to do it is turning on all the lights in your house at night and having someone else to tell you what went off every time you move a switch.


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Write down everything in order to ensure once you create the official chart the information will be accurate and everything will match correctly. Then grab a label maker and replace the old stickers with new labels or type and print the entire list, clean and recover the box door instead for a more polished finish.

Next step is to grab paint in different colors or multi colored swatches from your local craft store, even better if they’re stick-on. Draw or cut out a shape of your choice in a size that makes sense based on the actual size of your circuit breaker box.

All circuit breakers box look somewhat different, depending on your home’s connections and power lines. You’ll have to organize the colors according to your switches. Some might be double and some single, so it’s up to you and whatever works best for your specific needs.

Once you have determined where each color goes, stick each swatch to the corresponding switch and to the name on your sheet. Once you’re done you can be satisfied knowing that no one else in your house will struggle with the switches whenever the occasion demands a powerline intervention.

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