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Turn your garage into a playroom

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Turn your garage into a playroom

Especially for those families with more than one child, having the shenanigans limited to a single room in the house can make a huge difference. Of course, this kind of renovation can be expensive, not to mention that perhaps, you don’t have enough space inside the house. However, there’s a practical solution for that: turn your garage -or at least a part of it– into a playroom.

Start by planning, keeping in mind that your kids will grow and what today is a playroom for toddlers and children can become an entertainment center for teens or even a studio apartment for young adults. Thus, try to make choices that can be easily adjusted as time progresses and remember that the materials must be durable. Another option, is to buy second hand items that can be easily up cycled and repurposed.


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Make sure to insulate the garage and install heating and AC unit, if your kids will be spending long hours there, it’s better if you keep it nice and comfortable for them regardless of the weather.

Once you’ve planned exactly which area of your garage will be turned into the playroom, you need to budget your expenses. Then you need to get all the renovation permits you might need. Make sure you insulate the space and create enough storage space for toys and everything else you don’t want your kids to keep rolling around.

Once you’ve done all the planning and bought all the materials you’re going to need, it’s time to start with the set up. First you need to clean up your garage and get rid of everything you don’t need, then you need to temporarily get rid of everything that’s may get in your way.

After cleaning and washing up the walls and floors, it’s time for the paint job and the shelving and/or the setup of your storage spaces. Next up is the flooring. Let everything set and dry overnight or for as long as your installation requires. Once everything is ready you can start bringing in the furniture and organizing all the toys in the storage spaces you’ve set up.

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