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Upcoming Trends: Modern Garage Doors

Upcoming Trends: Modern Garage Doors

A garage door can make or break your curb appeal. Although for traditional house styles is rather obvious what would be the best garage door, more modern houses can be tricky. And if you like to think outside the box, you could also go with a modern garage door that contrast the style of your home without looking out of place.

From new materials to old materials used in new ways, modern garage doors represent modern ideas brought to the aesthetics of your home. These are the 10 best modern garage doors ideas of this season.


  • Glass/Metal Grid

This style combines a metal framing with a frosty glass panels, which gives it not only a modern look but also allows natural light to filter inside the garage.



  •  Proportionate minimal design

Simplicity can usually make a huge difference, and this door is the standing proof of that. Following classic aesthetic principles the simple glass details on the left third of the window, give it a modern, very proportionate and almost artistic look.



  • Uniqueness

Your house doesn’t have to match the garage door, au contraire; your garage door sure has to match your house, that’s why uniqueness is key. If your garage is unique, it’s only fair that your door fits it. Don’t be afraid to go custom and ask for exactly what you need. It might not be the usual but it will certainly be perfect.



  • Dark wood frames and tinted glass

This is another grid-like garage door, the wooden frame makes it perfect for more rustic style and the tinted glass provides the garage with privacy whilst maintaining the modern look.



  • Vertical panels

This designs looks very modern, minimalistic and approachable. One of the biggest issues with modern garage doors is that they can look pretentious. However, this particular style is everything but that. It actually looks playful and friendly with the environment.



  • Industrial style

Dark wood is not the only way something can look rustic and incredibly cool. Dark and solid garage doors with the right kind of lighting can look just as rustic for a very industrial yet urban and elegant look.



  • Thin Panels

These panels are extremely slim and placed horizontally, they give a lodge / bungalow-like vibe.



  • Wooden Stripes

Another example of thin horizontal panels. This door combines thin wooden stripes separated in a beautiful and geometrical way to show the glass behind for a fully modern, playful and stylish effect.



  • Solid Grey

Minimalism and modern go almost hand in hand. This solid grey garage doors are the perfect example of how something so simple can make a huge difference and have such a positive impact as part of a bigger concept.



  • Folded vertical paneling

Unlike the other vertical panels, the wood pattern is vertical and the opening mechanism is not overhead. This door folds to allow your entrance.



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