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Warm Up This Winter with a Wood-Burning Fire Pit

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Warm Up This Winter with a Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Patio season may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the outdoors once the snow starts to fall. With winter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a fire pit for your backyard so you can have ever-lasting seasonal warmth. Choosing the type, placement, and style of your fire pit can be an overwhelming task because of all the different design features. But, with New York aluminum fencing services and more, you can learn all about which fire pit is best for your backyard:

Cast Iron

You should consider a cast iron fire pit for the many advantages it carries, especially over other materials. They’re very sturdy and durable and offer some of the best warmth of any fire pits. So bring on the cold climate because a cast iron fire pit could be optimal for you. They don’t rust easily, and they get hot very quickly. Since it gets super hot, it’s a good idea to keep objects a further distance away from the pit. Cast iron will need a little bit of TLC but will last for years with proper maintenance. This type of fire pit is also perfect for cooking outdoors over an open flame because a grate can be easily placed to hold food.

Cast Aluminum

For the typical outdoor enthusiast, cast aluminum is the best product to use. It won’t rust nor stain your deck. Cast aluminum is far more movable compared to cast iron. They’re lightweight and designed with safety in mind. You can take this fire pit to a cabin up north or a neighbor’s house and easily store it during winter. Storage is recommended to prevent damage. Although not as sturdy as cast iron, cast aluminum is aesthetically-pleasing and low-maintenance.

Other Materials

Cast iron and cast aluminum may be the two most popular fire pit choices, but the options don’t stop there. Copper is a heat conductor, resistant to corrosion, and durable. It is, however, expensive and high maintenance. Stainless steel is weather resistant, stain and corrosion resistant, and has a high melting point. It’s also easy to clean, durable, but somewhat bulky in size. Ceramic is heat resistant, low maintenance, weathers well, but is somewhat fragile.


Everybody loves the charm of a chimney, and this is exactly what the chiminea has. Modern designs are open on all sides and have a chimney stack supported by a cast iron frame. Chimineas are sold at most home and garden stores and are very stylish. They’re built to keep smoke out of your eyes because it travels up the chimney, rather than blowing freely. You’ll want to make sure your chiminea has a mesh screen in the neck of the stack (a spark arrestor). The screen will prevent flaming debris from leaving the enclosed space. This charming mini chimney is perfect in an intimate setting for smaller groups and is ideal for open patios.

An outdoor fireplace is warm, welcoming, and brings family and friends together during chilly moments. Grab a glass of wine, toast some marshmallows and share stories outside until you hear the crackle from the last burning log. Contact Dave’s Architectural Iron L.L.C. for services in New York aluminum fencing. They also provide services in custom railings, ornamental irons, driveway gates and more. Call one of their fully licensed, expert craftsmen today at (973) 523-6323.

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