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Deck Sealing – Westchester Wash And Seal

Westchester NY Deck Sealing

Deck Sealing – Westchester Wash And Seal

We sat down with the knowledgeable team at Westchester Wash and Seal, to talk about deck sealing and its many benefits. Westchester Wash and Seal, is an experienced, local company with a friendly team, who specialize in Westchester NY deck sealing. We recently published an article about their power washing service and had such a great time talking with their owner, Jim Henson – we decided to do it again.

Jim explained, deck sealing  is the primary way to preserve the look and health of the wood on your deck. While composite wood decks grow in popularity in our area, deck sealing brings many options to homeowners who have and hope to keep their traditional wooden deck healthy and looking good, for years to come.

At first, it may seem a little confusing, but after reading this short post, we are confident you will understand the basics of deck sealing. Jim says, “always remember, it’s stain first, seal second”. It should always be done in this order to protect your wood. With Westchester Wash and Seal, we will explore some deck sealing basics.


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What Is A Deck Sealer?

A deck sealer does exactly what it says. It helps seal your wooden decking from environmental factors, primarily moisture. When sealing decks, there are three common types of sealers. These are wax, oil-based and acrylic deck sealers.

How Do I Know If My Deck Is In Danger?

There’s a simple method to check whether or not your decking is strong. Simply take a tablespoon of water and pour it over one of your high-traffic boards of wood. If the water ‘sticks’ to the board, runs off easily or beads, your decking doesn’t require sealing. However, if the water stays motionless or absorbs into the wood, your deck is at risk of water damage. The easiest solution to protect your deck, in both the short-term and long-term, is deck sealing!

How Do I Get My Deck Sealed?

First things first, you have to ensure that your deck is sparkling clean, as well as completely dry. If you have just finished staining your deck, give it ample time to dry. This usually takes between 24-48 hours on a dry sunny day. Humidity can wreck havoc on projects, so be careful.

When working with a professional team it is common to have a power washing project completed first. Power washing ensures the deck is really clean then sealing can move forward.

“Next, decking sealer is ready to be applied, the material is prepared and applied, we do absolutely everything by hand, but many companies will use a long-handle roller”, Jim explained. “Doing things by hand yields the best results, but for homeowners using a long-handle roller can be less intimidating. They are similar to one you would paint a house with.

But you have to be careful, it’s very easy to puddle up the sealer. This is something you will want to try and avoid. If you puddle your sealer, it won’t provide the best coat and the overall outcome of the project will suffer.” For non-professionals, application of deck sealers can be tricky, and it can be a frustrating process. It is an important job, I caution homeowners and recommend using a professional, we have many deck sealing companies in Westchester ready, willing and able provide professional deck sealing service. The professionals will use paint brushes and even electronic applicators to ensure a proper application.

Your number one objective here is to apply the deck sealer in a thin yet even coat on every part of your decking.

Here is a post from HGTV detailing the steps for the DIY’ers among us:


How is Deck Sealer Maintained?

Deck sealer works by utilizing water-repellant agents to protect your decking, whilst simultaneously keeping pollution out. These particular water-repellant agents can make your deck more slippery in times of heavy rain.

Pro-tip: It’s an industry-practice to always keep a water blade at the ready before entertaining guests on your deck – a water blade can be used to remove the water that will bead on your sealed deck.

The experts at Westchester Wash and Seal, suggest sealing your decking every one to three years. In particular, acrylic sealers can last much longer between re-applications. This is in comparison to other sealants. One way to ensure your deck is healthy and sealed, is the water bead test that we mentioned above.

When it comes to sealing your deck, it’s always best to let the professionals, like Jim and the team at Westchester Wash and Seal, to take care of your deck sealing project. You can trust them to get the job done right.

However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can attempt this yourself. Westchester Wash and Seal, recommends paying for a premium product in any event.

Jim stressed the importance of timing throughout our conversation, saying: “ remember that timing and technique is vital! When it comes to deck sealing drying your decking, after you clean it – is critical! Plan to clean your deck on a sunny day and never start a sealing project with rain in the forecast…and it can’t be too cold – I don’t seal decks below fifty degrees Fahrenheit.”

In Conclusion

Having your homes deck sealed will help keep it looking new and beautiful for years to come.

If you need your deck sealed but are afraid to do it yourself, and are looking for professional help, contact the team at Westchester Wash and Seal. Jim is a friend of our blog and an expert a Westchester NY deck sealing expert, your first call should always be Westchester Wash and Seal.

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