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Will Smart Homes go mainstream in 2018?

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Will Smart Homes go mainstream in 2018?

It’s been a great year for the smart home space. And although lighting, home security and thermostats are still the most common and popular incorporation, voice control was the real MVP of the year.

As Amazon Echo and Google Home expand their product range and their popularity increase, the smart home space is getting a huge power boost. Now, controlling your lighting, thermostat, shades and security system from your phone, laptop or through voice commands is easier than ever before.


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The convenience these technologies represent for many people have made smart assistants and smart home devices a focal point of modern household. Through voice command, people can now record calendar appointments and get answers to many questions without even having to reach out for their phones, making all of these experiences a lot more accessible and personable.

These smart home assistants are so good, their popularity has skyrocketed and many players within the industry have started incorporating Alexa and Google Home with their own devices and products, making interconnectedness simpler and more accessible. From multi-room music players to smart lights and shades, the offer of smart home products continues to expand and improve.

Many companies are upgrading their core products to enhance or simply incorporate their smart capabilities. Vacuum cleaners, fans, A/C and calefaction are some of the most popular items to commonly integrate smart aspects and connectivity capabilities to their functionality. However, some devices and products are too techy and not very user friendly at this stage, which means that for 2018 to become the year in which smart homes went mainstream, the industry leaders will have to step up their game.

Simplifying commands, improving interfaces, reducing latency and upgrading connectivity potential are just a few of the many things that need to be improved within the realm of smart home assistants and its integrated devices.

However, the AI component of many smart home devices and smart assistants will get us there sooner than we think. As motion sensors, security cameras, thermostats and other devices are programmed to learn your routines and function more intuitively, 2018 could be the year in which the smart home becomes a go-to solution for many homeowners but if it will go mainstream is a harder call to make, mostly due to the costs of these devices and systems.

In the upcoming years as the systems are simplified and more potent but also more affordable, we’ll be able to see the smart homes take over the real estate market around the world. For those who want to start incorporating smart technologies to their houses today, start with the basics and get some automatic shades or lighting systems that can make your home a more comfortable place and improve the atmosphere by just pushing a button.


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