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Winter Lawn Care for Luscious Summer Green Grass

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Winter Lawn Care for Luscious Summer Green Grass

If you thought you can skip your lawn care during the winter because the right time to focus on it is only during growing season, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Taking care of your lawn is a year-round commitment, and although it can definitely be more demanding during certain seasons, it is important that you pay attention to your lawn during the season as much as you do during the rest of the year.


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If you want to ensure your lawn receives the appropriate care during this winter season follow these two simple tips and avoid unpleasant surprises during the next warm season.

  • Allow snow to cover your lawn.
    Believe it or not, snow a layer of snow covering your lawn may help insulate the grass. However, a snow-covered driveway or walkway is dangerous business for pedestrians as they can hide layers of ice. If you can’t call a professional for snow removal without threatening the integrity of your pavement and the adjacent plants, try products such as sand or wood ash and apply the to the ground. Doing this won’t only help you melt the ice but it will also provide you with traction for your boots and tires.
  • Winterize your irrigation system.
    Whether you have an underground network of tubes, soaker hoses and sprinkler heads all over your property or just a hose with a sprinkler head to water your lawn, it is of utmost importance that you winterize the system before the cold weather kicks in. Contact a professional to winterize the irrigation system and add an extra level of protection. If you want to do it yourself, get a sprinkler system blowout that can blow all of the water in the system before it freezes.

If you get in touch with a professional, you can ask them to prepare your lawn for the winter season and give you extra advice for lawn maintenance and troubleshooting during the colder months. As an additional note, make sure not to trim your lawn too short before the winter starts and make sure to nurture the soil by the end of the fall, before the first snow falls.

Remember that maintenance from a professional is strongly advised if you want to keep your lawn looking its best at all times, regardless of the season.

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